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Professor Tracy Lieu, MD

Professor Tracy Lieu, MD

Dr. Lieu, a general pediatrician and health services researcher, is Director of the Center for Child Health Care Studies, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, and Associate Professor of Ambulatory Care and Prevention, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Lieu has studied vaccine safety, delivery, and economics for almost two decades. She is the co-principal investigator of the National Immunization Program's Vaccine Safety Datalink site at Harvard and the principal investigator of the Joint Initiative in Vaccine Economics of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Harvard. She has published many papers about the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of immunization programs.

Her research in pneumococcal disease includes the seminal cost-effectiveness analysis of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine for children, conducted with collaborators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Northern California Kaiser Permanente. She has served as senior investigator of several related evaluations of the economic impact of pneumococcal conjugate vaccination, including an ongoing economic impact evaluation for PneumoADIP.

In addition to research, Dr. Lieu serves as the Children's Hospital site director of the Harvard Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship, teaches in the Harvard School of Public Health, and practices pediatrics part-time with Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. She is a member of CDC's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices, the expert group that issues authoritative recommendations on vaccine use in the United States.


Contact Details
Associate Professor and Director,
Center for Child Health Care Studies
Department of Ambulatory Care and Prevention
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care
    and Harvard Medical School
133 Brookline Ave., 6th floor
    (mail and overnight only)
Boston, MA 02215, USA
Tel: +1 617-509-9949
Fax: +1 617-859-8112

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