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Professor Jan Holmgren, MD

Professor Jan Holmgren, MD

Dr. Jan Holmgren, MD, PhD is since 1981 Professor and Head of the Department of medical microbiology and immunology at Göteborg University; he is also Director of the Göteborg University Vaccine Research Institute (GUVAX) created in 2002. JH has published almost 500 papers in the fields of microbiology, immunology and vaccinology, and he is an elected member of e.g. the Swedish Royal Academy of Science (Medicine) and the Swedish Royal Academy of Engineering (Biotechnology).

He has also served on many national and international boards. Currently, he is on the Board of Directors of e.g. the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden), the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI), and he also chairs or is a member of a number of vaccine-related technical task forces or steering committees for e.g. GAVI´s ADIPs programs for rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines (Chair), IVI´s DOMI program for enterics vaccines (Chair), EU´s program for mucosal vaccines against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria (MUVAPRED) and WHO´s program for new vaccine technologies.

A large part of JH´s research has been focused on the mechanisms of disease and immunity in cholera and other mucosal infections and on the development of mucosal vaccines. In his early work on cholera, JH described, for instance, the AB subunit structure and function of cholera toxin and identified the GM1 ganglioside as the cholera toxin receptor. In the field of vaccines, JH and coworkers have over the past 20 years made many important contributions in mucosal immunology and the development of mucosal vaccines and adjuvants. They have developed and taken the oral B subunit-whole cell cholera vaccine all the way from basic concept to an internationally widely registered vaccine, they have developed and taken an oral ETEC vaccine from concept to phase 3 trials, and they have pioneered the development of methods for assessment of mucosal vaccine immunogenicity in humans.

In other, more basic aspects of mucosal vaccinology, JH´s laboratory has made important contributions in mucosal adjuvant construction, in defining basic mechanisms of mucosal immune regulation, and in developing promising mucosal immunomodulating/tolerogenic vaccine therapies against autoimmune and allergic diseases, the latter based on their discovery of cholera toxin B subunit as a uniquely efficient combined carrier and immunomodulator for inducing peripheral T cell tolerance to chemically or genetically conjugated tissue antigens or allergens.

JH and his laboratory are extensively involved in collaborations with many international research institutions and programs including e.g. IVI and its DOMI program, WHO, GAVI, and ICDDR,B (Bangladesh) and big EU programs (MUVAPRED, MUCIMM, MUCADJ) for mucosal vaccines.

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