An affordable supply of pneumococcal vaccines for the developing world can now be achieved

An affordable supply of pneumococcal vaccines for the developing world can now be achieved

Vaccine Supply

PneumoADIP is working to ensure that developing countries are willing to introduce pneumococcal vaccine, the donor community is willing to finance it, and manufacturers are ready and able to produce the doses needed.

Pneumococcal Vaccine Pipeline Source: PneumoADIP analysis based on data from WHO & WB BCG Study, 2005

The Pneumococcal Vaccine Market

The introduction of new vaccines into developing countries can only be accelerated by ensuring an affordable, sustainable supply. To meet this challenge, the global supply capacity must exceed the demands of high and middle income countries. Low income countries have the largest demand for vaccine doses on a global basis, but represent the smallest potential market in revenue because of the need for a much lower price per dose. These are challenging problems, but PneumoADIP’s supply analyses and forecasting can help overcome the obstacles to achieving affordable, sustainable supply.

High Demand in Low Income Countries

PneumoADIP conducted a global market assessment to develop a firm economic basis for engaging industry, donors, and countries. By developing a global assessment tool to calculate the potential vaccine demand in every country in the world in both the private and public sectors, PneumoADIP demonstrated that a potential billion-dollar market exists for pneumococcal vaccines in low income countries. Without this robust global analysis, industry may continue to overlook the low income countries in favor of high and middle income markets. Multi-national and emerging suppliers are beginning to recognize the potential of the pneumococcal vaccine market in low-income countries.

Supplying the Demand

Industry needs incentives now to accelerate their manufacturing capacity in order to supply the developing country market. Without this global action, the supply will slowly increase but may not be sufficient to meet demand in the countries that have the highest need. With no adequate supply, the accelerated introduction of vaccine into GAVI-eligible countries will not be possible.

PneumoADIP understands that assuring adequate capacity to supply GAVI-eligible countries is both a prerequisite for accelerating vaccine introduction and important for assuring the pricing that is needed to sustain vaccine use.